BWX Parts Products

*This is not a comprehensive list. Please contact us to inquire about other items we may have or manufacture.

ProductBalanceworx P/NReference Numbers
Pad Conditioner Cover Pad Conditioner Cover, 200MM BW412CA42 Email for pricing
Cable, Encoder, Robot, Mesa High Flex, Shielded, P61 Cable, Encoder, Robot, Mesa High Flex, Shielded BW30WRB50 0140-77688 Email for pricing
EXTENSION HARNESS, ROBOT Z-AXIS, HIGH FLEX CABLE Extension Harness, Robot Z-Axis, High Flex Cable BW402L411 Email for pricing
BW30WRB35 Cable, Power, Robot, 112″ , High Flex, Shielded, P60, Extended Mirra Trak BW30WRB35 0140-77488 Email for pricing
BW30WRB36 Cable, Encoder, Robot, 112″, High Flex, Shielded, P61, Extended Mirra Trak BW30WRB36 0140-77489 Email for pricing
BW401DC00 - Bulkhead to Interface Cable, Digital Remote Cascade Cables BW401RC00; BW401SCR2; BW401HCR2; BW401HS00; BW401DC00; BW401AC00 Email for pricing
wafer loss sensor Wafer Loss Sensor BW402WH08 0090-77041 Email for pricing
Wafer Slip Board Wafer Slip Interface Board BW402WS00 0100-77043 Email for pricing
robot motor Robot Motors BW402L1R4, BW402L1R5, BW402L2R3, BW402L3R3 0090-01474, 0190-16236, 0190-17944, 0090-01473 Email for pricing
BW403WFXX Remote Cascade BW403WFXX Email for pricing
Pneutronics Rack Pneutronics Rack BW301PB00 Email for pricing
Pneumatic Control Panel BW412CA84 0010-03974 Email for pricing
Regulators BW414PRR4, BW475PRR4 Email for pricing
Hybrid Integration Pneumatics Board Hybrid Integration Pneumatics Board BW400PBR4 0100-01585 (Titan™ 2), 0100-77040 (Titan™ 1) Email for pricing
HCLU Transducer BW103TDR1, BW201HS01, BW201HSR2 0090-77128 Email for pricing
Digital Normally Open Pneumatics Card Digital Normally Open Pneumatics Card BW103NO00 3870-02366 Email for pricing
Digital Normally Closed Pneumatics Card Digital Normally Closed Pneumatics Card BW103NC00 3870-02365 Email for pricing
Dual Channel Pneumatics Board Dual Channel Pneumatics Board BW103PA00 0500-01091; 3200-01073 Email for pricing