Robot Motors

Balanceworx P/N: BW402L1R4, BW402L1R5, BW402L2R3, BW402L3R3 OEM P/N: 0090-01474, 0190-16236, 0190-17944, 0090-01473

Motor and encoder cable and wire is manufactured specifically for Balanceworx – this particular cable and wire type is not available anywhere else, it is custom made and proprietary to Balanceworx Inc. The cable and wire can endure continuous, extreme bending and twisting. The Motor and Encoder cables are epoxied into the motor and encoder housings. The Encoder is contained (protected) inside a tamper proof outer housing.

BALANCEWORX P/N: BW402L1R4    |    OEM P/N: 0190-17944

Comes with encoder and 13″ high flex cable

BALANCEWORX P/N: BW402L1R5    |    OEM P/N: 0190-16234

Comes with encoder and high flex cable

BALANCEWORX P/N: BW402L2R3    |    OEM P/N: 0190-16236

Comes with encoder and 4.5″ high flex cable

BALANCEWORX P/N: BW402L3R3    |    OEM P/N: 0190-77125

Comes with encoder and 8″ high flex cable