Headsweep Assembly, Refurbishment

Balanceworx P/N: BW301TI00

Our headsweep refurbishment service comes with functionality testing. Requires core assembly from customer for repair.

  • Headsweep is fully inspected upon receipt
  • A2 and A3 assemblies are modified to Balanceworx keyed design
  • Bearings replaced and/or repacked
  • Ball nut and lead screws replaced or cleaned & re-greased
  • Lead screw is replaced as required
  • OEM clamps are split and utilized with two screws for clamping to ensure uniform pressure
  • Cable harness replaced
  • Motor/cable can be ‘clocked’ 90° to prevent cable stress
  • Lead screw TIR is verified to be less than .003″
  • All assemblies bench tested and cycled (forward & reverse motion)
  • Includes C of C printed on cleanroom paper