Platen Refurbishment, 200mm Mirra™ Systems

BALANCEWORX P/N: BW101PC23 | OEM P/N: 0040-08153

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    Platten Mirra Refurbishment services include the following:

    • Platen is turned on our lathe to remove old coatings
    • Platen is checked for both flatness and parallelism
    • Small radius added to edge of platen to aid in polishing pad removal
    • Endpoint window is milled to original depth: ~.005" of meterail removed
    • Platen is 100% coated with an abrasion resistant coating > .003" thickness - top, sides, bottom
    • Polymer coating has a very high release properties for ease in polish pad removal
    • All side mounting screws are verified good and repaired as required
    • Endpoint window may be blanked off at no extra charge
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