NSK Motor and Driver Repair


  • Description

    Our repair service will match unmatched sets, upgrade internal components, add 3rd F3 fuse, and replace your bearing using high temperature lubricant.

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  • Specs

    Driver Service:

    • Clean & inspect
    • Replace any defective fan(s)
    • Replace any defective driver board CMOS IC's
    • Repair and reflow solder connections as required
    • Bench test power supplies & verified associated outputs
    • Replace any failed optos or OP amps -- verify proper function
    • Tune assembly & drive
    • Perform final test -- forward, reverse and rpm stability

    Motor Service:

    • Clean & inspect
    • Replace motor connector
    • Replace resolver cable connector as required
    • Rebuild bearing assembly with NSK original cross roller bearing packed with specialized high temp grease. We do not use a second-sourced bearings in our motor rebuilds.
    • Replace seal with custom manufactured Viton casing with a Teflon wear strip
    • Remove humidity/vapor seal when applicable

    Final Test

    All final testing is completed with 75ft cables and using the same tool MEI control configuration emulating the actual tool

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